¡Ya tenemos a los ganadores del juego de Saint Valentine´s Day!



PAULA MARTÍN (Manchester): "Give way to the sea that overruns the lands. Give way to the sun that shines in the sky. Give way to me, nobody will love you as I do".

ALBA Mª SIMÓN (Paddington): "Love is an open door".

IVÁN LÓPEZ-ORTEGA (Eastbourne): "Feel the life you love, love you life the live".

PAULA ALONSO (Canterbury): "My heart is beautiful when it is near yours".

ENRIQUE MARTINEZ (Doncaster): "A good-looking and beautiful face is pleasant,

but a pure and humble heart makes you fall in love".

KATTY GARCÍA(Gatwick): "I love my friends because they are very important for my life and they make me laugh".

MAICA NIÑO (Liverpool): "Our love is like the sea, I sea the beginning but not the end".

MARIAN JIMÉNEZ (Jonh Steinbeck): "Love is not just loving someone. Love is loving everyone".



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